Historical Crisis

Historical Crisis

LEVEL: Advanced Committee


Crisis operates under a completely different format from regular Model UN committees, with delegates representing individuals organised into cabinets instead of states and simulating a fictional or historical event in real time. Crisis chairs will either be Directors (who, through accepting or rejecting requests and issuing directives, direct the course of the simulation) or chair-delegates, who act as Heads of Cabinets. The chair of a contemporary German cabinet in a Crisis simulation would play the role Angela Merkel, for example, whilst in said cabinet a delegate would play the role of a German minister, such as Wolfgang Schäuble.

The intensity and fluidity of Crisis make it one of the most challenging committees for both chairs and delegates. In addition to being the first university-level MUN conference in the UK, Cambridge has also established a high reputation for Crisis with some of the most original and pioneering takes on this dynamic format.

Cambridge has in the past five years run Historical Crises (simulating the French Revolution at CUIMUN XIX, the War of the League of Cambrai at CUIMUN XX, and the Greek-Ottoman Wars at CUIMUN XXI), but we will spice things up a little this year, and do two two-cabinet crises. The first one, a Historical Crisis catered to experienced advanced delegates and a Fictional Crisis catered to Beginners to Crisis. This is a Historical Crisis for the brave.

Topic: The Chinese Revolution

Second Phase of the Chinese Civil War
Cabinet A: Kuomintang/Republic of China
Leader: Chiang Kai-Shek
Cabinet B: Communist Party
Leader: Mao Zedong
Start date: 13 March 1946
Basic plot: The Second World War has just ended and the civil war between the Chinese Communist Party, led by Mao Zedong, and the Guomingdang, led by Jiang Jieshi, has been stalled by foreign powers eager for a peace settlement. However, it is clear that both sides are using the ceasefire as preparation for all out war. While the United States and the USSR both have interests in China, their loyalties diverge and could lead the recent allies to support opposing fronts. Meanwhile, certain separatist movements as well as Japanese prisoners of war must be dealt with. What lies ahead for China?

Read the Study Guide here: CUIMUN XXIII – Historical Crisis Study Guide

Email: cuimunxxiii.historicalcrisis@gmail.com

Allocations will be done directly by the Directors. Please wait to be contacted by them.

 Crisis1 Name: Roberta Maggi

Age: 21

Nationality: Italian

Occupation: Graduate Student, International Relations and Political Science, at IHEID (Geneva)

MUN Life: Started in 2012 and haven’t stopped since. CUIMUN XXIII will be my third time directing a crisis. Also, I get to Tabasco-certify things.

Hobbies: Contemplating a life with Camille, champagne, massages and men. Spending time with my dog (and an equal amount of time telling people that she is just the cutest).

Fun Fact about Me: I like wine, and (friendly) belgian beer.

IMG_2616 Name: Farshid Farouk

Age: 23

Nationality: Fluid

Occupation: A380 and Secgening


Hobbies: SciencesPo

Fun Fact about Me: I am a grumpy Persian Cat when not appropriately fed

 Crisis6 Name: Isabelle Heinemann

Age: 22

Nationality: Swiss/Israeli (K.u.K. subject at heart)

Occupation: IR & History SOAS

MUN life: hijacked by gaming for fancy-pants aka Crisis

Hobbies: sophistry, wine, going with the flow

Fun Fact:

Photo: with my honourable co-chair and frenemy no.1, Sultan Sultan

 Crisis2 Name: Sultan Kazi

Age: Born on the 23rd of Sha’ban 1416

Nationality: Passport-Pakistani

Occupation: Student and budding immigration lawyer

MUN Life: Retired from conventional MUN – embraced Crisis! This will also be my 4th CUIMUN doing Crisis and my 39th MUN conference overall

Hobbies: Photography, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, pre-18th century world history and video games!

Fun Fact about Me: I visit prisons regularly…

Backroom Staff
 Crisis3 Name: Maria Slobodina

Age: 20

Nationality: Russian (British at heart)

Occupation: 2nd year Neuroscience Student at UCL

MUN Life: Started in 2011. This CUIMUN will be my 37th MUN and my 8th time on the backroom team.

Hobbies: Graphic design, writing, spooning

Fun Fact about Me: I made the Deus logo (and the Deus react franchise)

 xuan Name: Xuan Chen

Age: is but a number

Nationality: British (Russian at heart)

Occupation: 5th year MSci Physics at Imperial College London

MUN Life: MUN sounds like an activity for nerd tbh

Hobbies: Starting cults with lube jokes

Fun Fact about Me: I don’t have a black belt in karate

 xuan Name: Luke Chan

Age: is but a number

Nationality: British

Occupation:Student of IR and Events Emcee

MUN life: is a decent life to have.

Hobbies: Drinking and constantly declaring “I’m never drinking again”.

Fun Fact about Me: It only takes one person saying “one country one system” for me to be triggered.

 Crisis5 Name: Aidan Monteith

Age: 19

Nationality: British-Australian

Occupation: Economics and Politics student at York

MUN life: Relatively short compared to many here: CUIMUN will be my 10th MUN, my fifth crisis and my third time chairing.

Hobbies: Debating (shocking I know), reading fiction and web novels, current affairs and Badminton.

Fun Fact about Me: I am eligible for three passports.

 Crisis7 Name: Nick Meadowcroft-Lunn

Age: 21

Nationality: British

Occupation: Physics/Philosophy at The University of York

MUN life: This will be my 8th conference, 3rd CUIMUN and 3rd as a chair or backroom in Crisis. I will also be Secretary-General of YorkMUN 2018

Hobbies: Football, politics and pretending to know what I’m talking about, but not in that order. I also make, produce and admire music, though all of those things badly.

Fun Fact: I nearly once got deported from Cuba (I swear it wasn’t my fault)

 Alex Name: Alex Selway

Age: 19

Nationality: British-Australian

Occupation: International Relations and History at LSE

MUN Life: Spicy, and filled with Crisis. Though I do occasionally dabble in GA.

Hobbies: MUN is time-consuming. But I do also enjoy reading, swimming, concerts and relaxing at the pub!

Fun Fact about Me: I volunteer as a paramedic with St. John Ambulance