Fictional Crisis

Fictional Crisis

LEVEL: Beginners Committee (Introduction to Crisis)


Crisis operates under a completely different format from regular Model UN committees, with delegates representing individuals organised into cabinets instead of states and simulating a fictional or historical event in real time. Crisis chairs will either be Directors (who, through accepting or rejecting requests and issuing directives, direct the course of the simulation) or chair-delegates, who act as Heads of Cabinets. The chair of a contemporary German cabinet in a Crisis simulation would play the role Angela Merkel, for example, whilst in said cabinet a delegate would play the role of a German minister, such as Wolfgang Schäuble.

The intensity and fluidity of Crisis make it one of the most challenging committees for both chairs and delegates. In addition to being the first university-level MUN conference in the UK, Cambridge has also established a high reputation for Crisis with some of the most original and pioneering takes on this dynamic format.

This year we have two crises: a Historical Crisis catered to experienced advanced delegates and a Fictional Crisis catered to Beginners to Crisis.

Topic: The Trojan War

All the gods were invited to the marriage of Thetis and Peleus the parents of the mighty Achilles. All Greek gods were invited to the nuptials, except for Eris, the goddess of discourse. To make them pay for this affront, she releases a golden apple in the crowd bearing the words “To the Fairest One”. Athena, Hera and Aphrodite claim the apple for themselves and ask Zeus to choose. How could Zeus choose between his jealous wife Hera, his beloved daughter Athena and the beautiful Aphrodite. He thus gives the power to decide to the humble Paris. All three goddesses attempt to bribe him with the most beautiful gift, and Aphrodite offers him the love of the most beautiful woman on earth. He succumbs and gives the apple to Aphrodite. Unfortunately, the most beautiful woman on earth is Helena of Sparta, the wife of the Greek king Menelaus. Paris kidnaps her and takes her to Troy. In response, the Greeks come to troy armed and ready for war to retrieve her.


A. The Achaean Cabinet (the Greeks)

B. The Trojan cabinet

Please read the Study Guide here: CUIMUN XXIII – Fictional Crisis Study Guide


Allocations will be done directly by the Directors. Wait to be contacted by them.

 a1 Name: Hamzah SheikhAge: 22

Nationality: British

Occupation: A bit of everything.

MUN Life: Directed five crisis committees (MUNICE 2016 and 2017, UBIMUN, SheffMUN and CardiffMUN) and member of crisis backrooms for the latest instalments of CUIMUN, OxIMUN and LIMUN. Chaired Crisis cabinets at WarMUN and LSEMUN, as well as directed the Ad-Hoc Intelligence Committee at SaintMUN.

Hobbies: Long walks and contemplating the future of the progressive left.

Fun fact about me: Out of 22 conferences, I’ve done crisis 20 times – I might have accidentally started a cult on the way.

 a2 Name: Geromine Flohimont

Age: 21

Nationality: French and Belgian

Occupation: Law Student

MUN Life: Started normal committees young, stopped for 2 years then fell back into the rabbit hole. Crisis obsessed since WarMUN 2016 you could spot me in crisis either as delegate, chair or backroom at these conferences : CUIMUN 2016, HamMUN 2016, LIMUN 2017, PIMUN 2017.

Hobbies: Comme at the opera of Paris and you might see me grabbing a last minute ticket

Fun Fact about Me: I grew up in Kenya…  not fun enough? I was a mad king in a past life!!

 a4 Name: Jakub Vokaty

Age: 23

Nationality: Czech and Swiss

Occupation: International Affairs Student, Earning money as boy for everything and organizing SGMUN

MUN Life: I started doing MUNs and by chance did Crisis and I got into it so much I almost only do Crisis.. Wait what is MUN again?

Hobbies: I watch and collect a lot, a lot of Movies and TV Shows, I have my grades to prove it

Fun Fact about Me: I like acronyms…have you ever heard about the Joint European Welfare System introduce by the Germanic Alliance of States!? …Guess I’ll think of something funny until CUIMUN!

 a5 Name: Perth Ophaswongse

Age: 19

Nationality: Thai

Occupation: International Relations at Edinburgh University

MUN Life: What life? I do MUN.

Hobbies: Deus Crisis Platform. Maybe MUN, if I feel like it.

Fun Fact about Me: Ask Sultan about that time I killed him.

Backroom Staff
 a9 Name: Saskia Millmann

Age: 25

Nationality: European

Occupation: PhD Student, International Law and History Graduate

MUN Life: Since 2010, 35+ conferences

Hobbies: Not saying no and then having a workload for ten people, drinking coffee like water, collecting academic degrees.

Fun Fact about Me: I started getting engaged with politics when I was 14 and hate myself a little bit for it. Doesn’t really help my blood pressure either…

 a6 Name: Laure Sigalla

Age: 21

Nationality: French

Occupation: Medieval History Student (über nerd indeed)

MUN Life: started less than a year ago and loving it! CUIMUN will be my 8th conference as delegate or chair.

Hobbies: languages, video games, drawing, crochet, meme-making,

Fun Fact about Me: I love learning languages, I speak French, English and German and taught myself some Russian, Korean and Hebrew (but my absolute favorite is Medieval Latin)!


Name: Cheyma Azzouz

Age: Already old enough for my fourth cuimun.

Nationality: like too many people at this conference: Vive la France.

Occupation: Still a confused young adult who wants to study too many things.

MUN life: Life.

Relationship status: reconciled with sleep

 a10 Name: Dorota Saitzova

Age: 24 (ancient)

Nationality: Fake French. Sometimes pretended Vietnamese. Otherwise Czech.

Occupation: I actually have a real life adult  job. It is a very strange thing to have. Would not recommend it to everybody.

MUN Life:  If I saved the money I have spent on MUNs, I’d probably have a trust fund. SPICY trust fund.

Hobbies: Impressing people with the number of languages that I have managed to learned throughout the years. Attempting to study more languages.

Explaining to people that I am not French. Walking around Paris with a bottle of wine just to confuse more people.

Discovering What is Sciences Po?

Asian memes. Philosophy memes. Political memes. Leftish memes. Late capitalism memes. All the memes.


Fun Fact about Me: I kinda speak eight languages. Might get a tote-bag that says that because it is hard to casually insert it in a conversation. Also I was a cheerleader at one point of my life, and I still have the outfit somewhere.


 Chris Name: Christopher Crabbe

Age: too old(you should know this cam)

Nationality: multiple

Occupation: enjoying life

MUN Life: Chaired at CUIMUN 2015, EireMUN 2017, LSEMUN 2017, LIMUN 2017, CUIMUN 2017. Director of Crisis at PIMUN 2017.

Hobbies: windsurfing, gaming

Fun Fact about Me: like everyone I love the West Wing.

 a3 Name: Rick Romanelli


Nationality: Italian

Occupation: PPE Student, aspiring crisis overlord, newest Tabasco certified

Person, future SNL cast member

MUN Life: about to crash every single conference. I did Worldmun, CUIMUN and PIMUN this past year.

Hobbies: Telling people how great my view of the colosseum is, winning arguments, juggling 3 jobs

Fun Fact about Me: I promise I’m really Italian