Council of the European Union

Council of the European Union

LEVEL: Intermediate Committee


The Council of the European Union is the third of the seven institutions of the European Union (EU) as listed in the Treaty on European Union. It includes the 28 members of the EU and holds both executive and judicial power within the organisation.

This year, the Council of European Union will be a part of a special Joint Regional Cooperation Session with the Arab League Committee. Both committees will cooperate in the debating of a joint topic.

Topic Council of EU  – Reforming measures to integrate refugees and asylum seekers into the European Community

Summit Topic –  Towards an Arab-European regional vision for sustainable development, conflict and security: suppressing independent terrorist groups

Read the Study Guide here: CUIMUN-XXIII-Study-Guide-Council-of-the-European-Union-


Position papers must be emailed to your Chairs by Friday 20th of October. 


david jan

Name: David-Jan Bosschaert

Age: 28 (ancient)

Nationality: Belgian & Filipino

Occupation: Attaché at the Belgian permanent representation to the OSCE in Vienna

MUN Life: Started in 2011, haven’t quit since. Fifth straight year chairing at CUIMUN and my sixth CUIMUN overall.

Hobbies: playing chess, talking politics, being a real diplomat

Fun Fact about Me: Inaugural Oxbridge Chairing Award winner, after which the whole thing went downhill.


Assistant Director


Name: Janet Wong

Age: 19

Nationality: Chinese/ Hong Kong

Occupation: Law Student at the London School of Economics (boring, I know)

MUN Life: Began at 15 and loving it since. Was a delegate last year too at CuiMUN.

Hobbies: Overeating, and reading Murakami.

Fun Fact about Me: As of the time this is being written my hair is rainbow-colored. Might or might not still be true when CuiMUN happens.



Assistant Director


Name: Michelle Kazi

Age: 20

Nationality: Global Citizen since 2000

Occupation: MUN Hotshot, and maybe a UCL student too (I think I study Social Sciences with Quantitative Methods).

MUN Life: Started at the turn of the decade back in 2010, 7 years, 43 conferences, 16 Chair positions, and 4 Secretariat posts later, still going strong as ever! Oh, don’t forget, Secretary General at UCLMUN 2018!

Hobbies: Very, very long walks around London (Is it not the greatest city on this planet?), Writing Poetry, Baking, British Politics and Studying Maps #TypicalGeographer

Fun Fact about Me: I once fractured my hand in a Katana Sword fight with the mighty Sultan Kazi